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State Women Commission seeks Assam-Meghalaya coordination to catch perpetrators

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Nun Harassment case

Shillong, Feb 23: Taking a serious view of the harassment meted out to a Garo Hills missionary nun by a group of men in a public bus in Assam, last week, the Meghalaya State Commission for Women (MSCW) on Friday condemned the unfortunate incident in Assam in the strongest of words and urged for a coordinated effort from both the Assam and Meghalaya governments to bring the culprits to book.

“Such incidents can cause serious implication to the victim both as a woman and as a religious person. Hence, the Commission urges the Government of Meghalaya and Government of Assam to coordinate with each other and ensure that the perpetrators are found and brought to justice,” the MSWC said in a statement.

The Commission said that Meghalaya is a State that is inclusive of people belonging to all religious beliefs and “we uphold the democratic tenets of our Constitution”.


“We must ensure that religious tolerance and respect is maintained between the peoples of both States and that we continue to live among each other in true harmony,” the Commission said while asserting that the Government of both States must strive to ensure that peace is maintained and such culprits are held accountable for their actions that is dehumanizing towards any religious person.

The nun had boarded the bus from Dudhnoi town to travel to Goalpara town on February 17th morning but midway was harassed and intimidated by a group of passengers and the bus conductor. She was later forced out of the bus in an isolated stretch of the highway leaving her shocked and shaken.

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