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6th Schedule

“CAA-ko 6th Schedule-o ra·gatgija dakjaode anga una vote on·jawachim”

Tura, March 26: Brigipa changna Turani MP ong·na ka·donge susana tarienggipa Agatha K Sangmani aganani gitade Citizenship Amendment Billko 6th Schedule-ni ning·o ga·akgipa a·dokrangode...

“If CAA wasn’t exempted from 6th Schedule, I would have never voted for it”

"If CAA wasn't exempted from our 6th Schedule, I would have never voted for it. Meghalaya falls under the 6th Schedule so CAA is not applicable. It is a non issue in our state," clarified Agatha K Sangma while speaking to journalists after filing her nomination for the Tura Lok Sabha election on Tuesday.

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