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75th NCC day

Chang 75-gipa NCC Day-ko maniani gita NCC-ni cadet-rang kangal cholgri manderangna dangdike on•anga

Shillong, Nov 26: Chang 75-gipa NCC Day-ko mande ra•aniko dakan baksa gisik ra•ani gita, Shillong-ni 2 Meghalaya Battalion-ni ning•o, Sangeeta Chakraborty-ni dilanichi, Laitumkhrah Assamese...

75th NCC Day: NCC Cadets’ conduct heartwarming outreach, distribute homemade meals to less fortunate

This altruistic act not only brought joy to the recipients but also instilled valuable lessons in the cadets, teaching them the importance of not wasting food and fostering love and care for those in need.

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