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Aadhar card

Aadhar card-ko atchiani tarikna sakki dake jakkaljawaha: EPFO

UIDAI-ni ge•etanio talataniko on•ani gitade, Aadhar-kode atchiani tarikna sakki dake mesokna Aadhar Act 2016-o niam dongja aro uandaken Aadhar card-rangko, atchiani tarikna sakki dake jakkalaniko EPFO da•o chu•gimik ra•galataha.

SC asks UIDAI & state to ensure Aadhaar cards are provided to those who lost it in Manipur violence

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Unique Identification Authority of India and the Manipur government to take steps to ensure that Aadhaar cards are provided to people who lost their 11-digit unique identification number during the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, even as it emphasised the need for prior necessary verification to ensure that "illegal immigrants" didn't get undue advantage of the exercise.

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