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Airbus A340

Niamgri mandeko bading srukenga ine chanchichipe chalaiaoniko dondikatgipa plane Mumbai-ona soka

New Delhi, Dec 26: Sak 276 India a•songni manderangko salrurabaenggipa, Airbus A340 plane, jekon, niamgri mandeko badingsrukenga ine chanchichipenba France a•songo sal 4-na dondipatahachim,...

Grounded Indian charter flight lands in Mumbai amid trafficking concerns; surge in illlegal US entry attempts in 2023

A charter plane, carrying 276 passengers primarily of Indian nationality, which had been grounded in France for four days due to suspected human trafficking concerns, finally landed in Mumbai in the early hours of Tuesday. The aircraft, identified as an Airbus A340, touched down in Mumbai shortly after 4 am, according to an official statement.

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