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ARHI hospital

Meghalaya aro North-East gimiko, sanna bannaniko nampdapatna ARHI hospital-ko a•bachengata

Shillong, March 30: Meghalaya a•doko, nambata gadango sanna bannaniko manderangna on•na, Animal Husbandry aro Veterinary-ni Minister AL Hek, ARHI Hospital-ko sonibar salo oprake on•aniko...

ARHI hospital launched to enhance healthcare access in Meghalaya and Northeast region

In order to provide better healthcare facilities, Meghalaya's Minister for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, AL Hek, carried out a soft launch of his very own ARHI hospital on Saturday, which will cater to people in the Mawsmai, Jorabat areas, and the overall Northeast region.

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