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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is coming to the rescue of large cardamom diseases in Sikkim

Large cardamom is a perennial herbaceous plant which is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Spice’ and is the second most important spice crop in the world, next to black pepper.

Khasi language among 110 new languages added to Google Translate

The inclusion of the Khasi language in Google Translate will greatly benefit national and international tourists visiting Meghalaya, helping to overcome the language barrier between locals and tourists

Artificial Intelligence-chi bading chiwalani aro songsalna nangchakeani bidingo chanchirimna NEHU-o tom•aniko ong•ata

Shillong, Jun 20: ‘Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Social Sciences in the Era of Artificial Intelligence’ ine pangchakaniko donenba, Artificial Intelligence-chi bading chiwalani...

DD Kisan minggni AI anchor-rangko a•bachengatgen

Guwahati, May 24: Ia 'Artificial Intelligence '-ni chasongo, Doordarshan Kisan-ni gita skanggipa changna minggni AI anchor-rangko chong•motan, AI Krish aro AI Bhoomi-ko May 26...

NEHU VC bats for Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Heritage Program in London

Prof Shukla delivered a presentation on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in representing and protecting geographical indications (GIs) pertaining to language, arts, and agriculture

“Mere Mentor” platform-o kamgri dongenggipa  chamdamberangna kamni bidingo skie on•enga

Chennai, May 5: Mere Mentor, ian India-ni kamgri dongenggipa chadamberangko dingtangmancha kamni bidingo u•ie ma•sie ra•ani bidingo agan ku•pattian baksana uamangna dingtangmancha kamrangko sandianio...

In a First, Assam to Teach AI and Robotics at High School Level

In a significant move aimed at preparing students for emerging technologies, the Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) has announced the introduction of a new elective subject called "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics" that will be added to the Class IX curriculum from this year onwards.

Assembly-o ku•sikrangko pe•timna Artificial Intelligence-ko jakkalna miksongenga

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly-ni session-rangko ong•atanio, Garo, Khasi aro Jaintia ku•sikrangchiba membor-rangna aganna cholko on•na miksongengani gimin da•o changgipin session-ode ku•sikrangko pe•timanio Artificial Intelligence (AI)-ko jakkalna gita sorkari, dingtangmancha u•i-ma•sigipa manderangko okamatenga ine Bristibar salo, Assembly-ni Speaker Thomas A Sangma parakataha.

What is Deepfake? IT Minister addresses growing concerns over deepfake technology

Deepfake technology has emerged as a significant concern in recent times, posing the potential for generating deceptive or misleading content. This includes the dissemination of false information, the creation of fabricated videos featuring public figures, and the invasion of personal privacy.

Meghalaya explores AI-powered tech to clean Umiam Lake

The technology presents an economical method for effectively removing debris, oil, and, all while operating on electric power.

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