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Tripura CM flags off special train to Ayodhya

A fervent wave of devotion swept through Tripura as 483 devotees embarked on a spiritual journey to Ayodhya, with the special Astha train receiving a ceremonial send-off from Chief Minister Manik Saha at the Agartala rail station on Wednesday evening.

Ayodhya-o Ram Mandir-ko PM Modi nokdonggae on•anga

Ia Ram Mandir-ko nokdonggae on•anganio PM Modi, Hindu toromni dilgiparang aro Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-ni dilgipa Mohan Bhagwat baksa Hindurangni bebera•anio pangchake, olakkianiko dakangaha.

BJP delegation extends akshat and invitation for Shree Ram Mandir to Archbishop Victor Lyngdoh in Shillong

The delegation presented the Revered Akshat and an invitation for the Shree Ram Mandir. His Grace expressed eagerness to visit the revered Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and extended his blessings for the auspicious occasion.

Rahul Gandhi declares Congress boycott of Ayodhya ceremony, cites election and political overtones

During interactions with the media, Rahul Gandhi stated, "It is challenging for us (Congress) to attend the January 22 function as it is Modi’s event. The BJP consistently imparts an election-oriented tone to various occasions, even those of a religious nature. We uphold the principles of equal respect for all religions."

Ayodhya-ni Ram Mandir-ko nokdonggana Boko-ni dot 7000 wa•arangko watata

Uttar Pradesh a•dokni Ayodhya-o donggipa Ram Mandir-ko January 22 tariko nokdonggana siengani gimin Assam Kamrup a•jani Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC)-ni ning•o donggipa 26-Jongkhuli constituency-ni gitaba dakchakanirangko on•pana gita dot 7000 wa•arangko on•gilataha.

7000 pieces of Bamboo sent to Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir from Boko for inaugural ceremony

The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, will be inaugurated on 22 January of this year. The 26th Jongkhuli constituency of the Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) in Kamrup district was sent to Ayodhya on Thursday to help at least to some extent at the Ram Mandir inaugural ceremony.

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