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Biker killed in road mishap at Bajengdoba

The incident took place at around 8.00 pm when the rider Ramdas Rabha, aged 18, was reportedly speeding on National Highway 51 when he lost control of his motorbike ML 08 A 4921 and was flung onto the road with extreme force leading to his death.

AHAM dol Bajengdoba PHC-o doctor-rang chu•onggijaniko nirokatchina DC-ko didia

Tura, March 26: A•chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) dol Bajengdoba Regional Unit-ni President Kollingwat Sangma, North Garo Hills a•jani Deputy Commissioner aro District Medical...

Tuberculosis Control Society observes World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day was marked by the district tuberculosis (TB) Control Society, NTEP, East Garo Hills William Nagar on Friday at Multi facility Hall, Bajengdoba, North Garo Hills. The participants took a pledge to commit towards a TB free India by 2025.

Bajengdoba-o mande saksani manggisiko man•a

Tura, Oct 13: Bristibar salo, North Garo Hills a•jani police-rang, Bajengdoba police station-ni Tatolgre jolo donggipa Bolrimil chiringo ma•sina man•gijagipa mande saksani manggisiko man•aha. Ia...

Decomposed body found in Bajengdoba, murder suspected

The highly decomposed body was recovered on Thursday from the Bolrimil stream at Tatolgre under the Bajengdoba police station.

Victim forced to pay bribe by engineer writes to Meghalaya DGP seeking action

A Tura contractor who was forced to pay a bribe demanded by a engineer of PHE in North Garo Hills Bajengdoba has written to Meghalaya Director General of Police seeking action against the police officer in charge of that police station who has so far refused to register his FIR against the corruption even after more than two weeks.

Contractors Association of Bajengdoba come to defence of indicted PHE official

Following the accusations of bribery against a PHE official posted in Bajengdoba in North Garo Hills, the Contractors Association of Bajengdoba Sub Division (CABSD) have come to the defence of the official.

Tura engineer accused of taking Rs. 30,000 bribe to pass bill, contractor files case in HC

The engineer, Kedia G. Momin, has been named in the court case and FIR and the victim is contractor Tarseng Ch Sangma of Rongkhon Songgital locality of Tura.

Female drug peddler caught with heroin in North Garo Hills

In an anti-narcotics operation, North Garo Hills police apprehended a female drug peddler and recovered 23.93 grams of heroin from her possession.

Bajengdoba-o milsi pesusaaniko ong·atenga

Iana agreba, milsi pesusaanio bak ra·gipa manderangna ming 45 consolation prize-rangba donggen ine Sangma parakataha.

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