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Dr Mukul Sangma

“Old and long story”: Mukul on speculations of him joining BJP

Addressing the speculation while speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Dr. Sangma clarified that media reports, often stemming from 'sources,' usually refer to past events or stories.

‘Dr Mukul BJP-o napgenchimode party-na nambatgenchim’: Rikman

Shillong, Nov 28: Meghalaya a•dokni gitcham chief minister aro Trinamool Congress (TMC)-ni dilgipa Dr Mukul Sangma, BJP-o napna gita dilgiparang baksa agangrikenga ine jangbingbanganirangko...

Deborah expresses readiness to put in efforts to bring back Mukul to Congress fold

Meghalaya Congress working president Deborah Marak on Tuesday said she is ready to pursue the matter of bringing back Dr Mukul Sangma into the Congress fold, if she gets the nod from the party high command.

“Childish”: Hek calls out Mukul on Assembly antics

Senior BJP leader and Cabinet Minister, AL Hek, has called out to AITC leader and former CM Dr. Mukul Sangma for being “childish” for bringing someone’s private life onto the floor of the Assembly.

Dr Mukul-na gong crore 20-ni legal notice-ko on•a

Dr Mukul Sangma-na Lalremsanga-ni pal legal notice-ko on•atgipao ukil-ni parakatani gitade, Meghalaya Assembly-o aro uni ja•man media-rangni mikkangoba Henry Lalremsang-ni kosako kragija dake matnangahani gimin ia legal notice-ko on•ataha.

‘Sakki on•arangni gisepo krabatgijagipa ong•a’ ine Mukul-ni matnanganiko Conrad jegala

Ia matnanganiko ua, a•doko pekatgipa bosturangko jakkalani bidingo Assembly-ni Autumn Session-o chanchirimaniko dakengmiting somoio aganahachim.

‘Most ridiculous way of proving anything’: Conrad on Mukul’s allegation

“It is sad that a person of his (Mukul) level brought in a photograph and just jumped to a conclusion. Connecting people based on a photograph of two people being clicked together I think in today’s world, it is the most ridiculous way of proving anything. So, I have no comment to say about that,” Conrad told reporters.

A•dokni pilak manderangkon chel•chakna police-rang kam ka•enga: Dy CM

A•dok sorkari aro police department-de a•doko songdongenggipa manderangni namgnina kamko ka•na dongiminsa ong•a ineba ua parakataha.

‘Very unfortunate if he used police officers for his own interests’ : Tynsong slams Mukul Sangma

Speaking to reporters, Dy CM said that is Dr Mukul Sangma who was once the Chief Minister of Meghalaya trying to tell the people that he has used the police force for his self interest, because if he does, it will be very unfortunate.

Richard Marak’s Arrest: Mukul Sangma questions arrest of TMC youth President

The former Meghalaya chief minister lashed out at the police and the administration stating that the police have reduced themselves acting on the behest of political bosses who are in power.

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