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Manipur Environmental Activist sets Example on ‘How to Fight Climate Crisis’

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Imphal, May 19: Anish Ahamad, an environmental activist from Manipur, has set a remarkable example for over 25 years through his relentless efforts in combating climate change. With a postgraduate degree in Geography, Ahamad has worked effectively to make India a carbon-free nation under the “Make India Green Campaign.”

Ahamad has planted more than 50,000 trees and distributed over 40,000 saplings to the public at no cost, demonstrating his commitment to environmental preservation and awareness. His passion for tree planting began in the primary school, inspired by his late father, who taught him various techniques for nurturing trees until he passed away in 2014.

“From harvesting tree seeds to making seedlings and raising a private nursery, all expenses come from my own efforts. I can’t afford even a greenhouse or a water tank,” Ahamad stated.


To address India’s carbon emissions and promote sustainability, Ahamad believes in a multi-faceted approach that includes individual effort, policy changes, and widespread education. “Education and awareness are crucial to tackle the environmental crisis,” he stated.

Ahamad advocates for a grassroots movement to protect forests and encourage community participation for sustainable goals. He generates awareness by educating children on making saplings and teaching local communities about the importance of environmental conservation. His efforts extend to raise awareness about wildlife conservation to minimize human-wildlife conflicts.

Over the past six years, Ahamad has conducted numerous mass awareness programs across India, in Manipur, Tripura and New Delhi.


Despite his significant contributions, Ahamad has received no financial support from the government. “No government, political leaders, or departments have extended financial support for my efforts on this global issue. I will continue my work if the government supports me by providing land for nurseries and planting millions of trees to ensure a greener earth and a healthier tomorrow,” he said.

Several government agencies have acknowledged Ahamad’s activities, and awarded him for his dedication and fight against the climate crisis. His work remains largely self-funded, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the cause.

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