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Fancy Bazar

Assam: Food Safety Department Seizes Carbide-Ripened Mangoes in Guwahati

Amid rising concerns that some sellers are using Carbide to ripen fruits in the city, the Food Safety Department of Assam today launched an operation against such unhealthy practices.

Assam-o manderang Holi-na koros ka·chichatoka

Guwahati, Mar 24: Sombar salo Hindu manderang, Holi-ko maniengani gimin Assam a·dokni skotong Guwahati songjinmao bang·a manderangni koros ka·chichasamsotokaniko nikna man·aha. Guwahati songjinmani Fancy Bazar-o...

Holi shopping spree in Guwahati

Speaking to Hub news one of the shopkeeper said that this time most of the colors for Holi have come along with masks, T-Shirts and different types of pichkari.

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