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Boko: Rabha Community Celebrates Annual “Baikho Puja” with Traditional Fervor at Gamerimura village

The Gamarimura Village in Kamrup district of Assam, bordering Meghalaya, came alive on Saturday with the vibrant celebrations of the Baikho Puja, an annual festival organized by the Rabha tribal community. The day-long festivities were held at Gamerimura High School Playground.

Shillong-o Shad Suk Mynsiem-ko manianga

Shillong, Apr 15: Salgittamna Shillong sonjinmao manianggipa Shad Suk Mynsiem, Sombar salo matchotangaha aro ia bon•kamgipa salo mikkarang jimbee wagenchimoba Khasi me•a aro me•chikrang,...

Boko-o na·tok rim·ani festival-ko ong·ata

Boko, March 3: Robibar salo, Assam a·dokni Boko-o donggipa Moiham Beel-o pagitcham ma·gitchamrangni dakbewalo pangchake dingtangmancha songgimik na·tok rim·ani festival ba program-ko ong·atangaha. Ia na·tok...

Me•gong Festival postponed to Friday amidst unforeseen rainfall challenges

The incessant rains have impacted the footfall at the venue with a sparse crowd on the evening of the inauguration.

Guwahati residents illuminate the city with diyas, celebrate green Diwali for pollution-free festivity

In Assam's Guwahati, the essence of Diwali came alive as residents of Prashanti Enclave Society dedicated themselves to a green celebration. Illuminating their homes and shops with earthen lamps, these individuals aimed for a pollution-free festivity.

Mizoram organises ‘Young Voters’ Festival to motivate youths to participate in upcoming polls

Aizawl, Oct 24: To motivate the youths of the state for active participation in Mizoram assembly polls, the various district administrations are organising 'Young...

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