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Food Poisoning

Hostel-ni warden aro nirokaniko dakenggipako kamoniko ra•galchina CM Manik rai on•a

Agartala, June 21: Bodhjung Girls School-ni sak 20 chatrirangni cha•ani cha•mane ok saaniko man•ani ja•mano, hostel-ni warden aro nirokaniko dakenggiparangko uamangni kamoniko ra•galchina Tripura...

Tripura: 20 girls hospitalized after having hostel meal, probe ordered

According to officials, the students of Bodhjung Girls' Higher secondary school were hospitalised after they complained of severe stomach ache and chest pain.

Assam: 11th Day Death Ritual for 11 Vultures Who Died of Food Poisoning Held in Sadiya

The vultures were found lying dead on the outskirts of the village on June 1. Three vultures, found alive in critical condition, were treated and released on Tuesday.

Tura Bonepa-o mang 10 menggo aro mang 2 menggo bi•sarang u•ina man•gijagipa a•selo sia

Tura, June 8 : Battanggimin salgnini gisepo komibeoba mang 10 menggorang aro mang 2 menggo bi•sarang, Tura-ni Bonepa gittimo u•ina man•gija a•selo siaha. Iani bidingo,...

5 members of family fall prey to food poisoning

Five members of a family from Aguragre village in Rongram Block of West Garo Hills had to be rushed to hospital for emergency medical treatment following a suspected case of food poisoning on Sunday.

Eight police personnel fall ill after consuming wild mushroom in Dhemaji

Their symptoms included dysentery and vomiting, they were admitted at hospital, and after medical examination it was found that they were suffering from food poisoning after consuming wild mushrooms.

Assam-o cha·ani baksa bisi cha·manani ja·man sak 40-ko hospital-o donata

Guwahati, Mar 31: Sonibar salo, Assam a·dokni Majuli a·jao, cha·ani baksa bisi cha·manani ja·man, komibeoba sak 40 manderangko hospital-o donatna gita nangaha. Kobor on·timgiparangni u·iatani...

Assam: 80 people fall ill after consuming ‘prasad’ at religious function in Dhemaji

Over 80 people have fallen ill after consuming pulse prasad during a ‘nam’ (worship) programme organised by the local unit of 'Bhagwant Sangha' at Dekapam Shantipur village Namghar in Dhemaji district of Assam.

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