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Job Reservation Policy-ko nipiltaie gital niamrangko ra•gatchina dabianiko Garo Students Union jegala

Tura, June 15: State Reservation Policy-ni bidingo nipiltaianiko dakna Expert Committee-ko songengon, Job Reservation Policy-ko dingtangatanirangko nangnikjaenga ine Garo Students Union parakataha. Garo Students Union,...

Four minor rape case: Rally in Baghmara seek justice for victims

Several organisations from South Garo Hills on Friday held a peace rally at Baghmara to condemn the recent rape of four minor girls from South West Khasi Hills.

Garo students body opposes any alteration to Job Reservation Policy, points to Census report revealing garos loss of several thousand jobs

The Expert Committee set up to review the State Reservation Policy have been advised to maintain status quo by the central executive committee of the Garo Students Union as they cited the continued marginalization of the Garo community which had even compelled the Meghalaya High Court to intervene and order the state government to activate the roster system in job employment, after a gap of 52 long years.

Controversy hits Loyola College of Garo Hills over surrender of sanction post

One of the largest prestigious colleges in East Garo Hills, Loyola College in Williamnagar, has courted controversy over the alleged surrender of a sanctioned post, that the Garo Students’ Union (GSU), claims was done under duress on a teacher by the head of the institution.

Boro me·chik bi·sa sakgniko drae til·ekgiparangna siani sastiko on·china dabitoka

Dudhnoi, May 27: Adita salrangna skang, Assam a·dokni Dudhnoi jolo donggipa Balapara songni Boro me·chik bi·sa sakgniko drae til·ekgipa manderangko pasi on·china dabie Sombar...

New Secondary School in Garo Hills shows signs of damage, GSU lodges complaint

The Adokgiri RMSA School that was established in 2013 and had recently been given a new RCC school building has already started showing signs of damage with the floor of the rooms breaking up indicating shoddy construction.

Dumper garirangni jillao napaniko jegale NGO-rang jingjengata

Tura, Apr 29: Dumper truck garirangni skatang salanichi bang•en a•sel ong•anirangko nikna man•engahani gimin bostu salgipa dal•dalgipa truck garirangko aro dumper garirangko Tura jillao...

Sit in protest held in front of Tura DC Office against entry of dumpers, by various pressure groups

The demonstration started at around 11 a.m. , with the members of the NGOs and pressure groups sitting in front of the office gate with signs and placards.

Nokatgre songo ro·ong quarry bikotaniko jegalaniara maming pangchakani gri jegalanisan ong·aia: Greneth

Tura, Mar 18: South Garo Hills a·jani mingsinggipa Renang Dare donggipa Nokatgre songo, ro·ong quarry bikotna manchienganiko dingtang dingtang dolrang jegaltokengon, ia biapo ro·ong...

Rongte bikotanichi nitogipa Renang dare-na kenbeani

Tura, March 10: Garo Hills-o gesa chu·begipa aro nina nitobegipa chidare Renang dare, jean South Garo hills a·jani Siju Nokatgre-o dongachim una kenchakani ong·engaha...

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