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Manipur’s Law and Order on the Brink as Bazaar Community Calls for 24-Hour Shutdown Amid Ethnic Conflict

The shutdown stems from various escalating problems in the bazaar area. The Bazaar Shop Owners community, representing both small and large shop owners, unanimously decided on this drastic measure, citing recent violent incidents as a catalyst. Notably, residents of Thangal Bazaar were assaulted at night, prompting widespread fear and unrest.

Manipur violence turns one year: ‘Kuki-Zo Awakening Day’ observed in Shillong

The event was organized to remember and mourn the loss of hundreds of innocent lives in the ongoing state-sponsored ethnic cleansing targeting the Kuki-Zo community.

Candle light vigil marks anniversary of Manipur violence in Dibrugarh

The event was organized by the Kuki Worship Service (KWS) in collaboration with the Dibrugarh Mizo Welfare Association.

Myanmar-o dolgni gogrikani ja·man manderang Manipur-o katnaptokenga

Imphal, Mar 28: Myanmar a·songni army-rang aro bobil dolrang, Tamu a·jani Namphalong jolo donggipa Walphabung songo gogrikani ja·man Myanmar a·songni sima jolrango songdongenggipa ritchani...

Naljokaniko ra•e gipin biapo dongenggipa manderangna nangnikaniko dake on•china sak 10 Kuki-Zo MLA-rang ECI-ko mol•mola

Imphal, Mar 27: Manipur a•dokni sak 10 Kuki-Zo MLA-rang, a•dokni manderang jemangan naljokaniko ra•e a•songni gipin biaprango dongengachim, Manipur-ni Parliamentary Election-o pu•onaniko dakna man•a...

10 Kuki-Zo MLAs urge ECI to arrange voting for people taking shelter across India

Ten Kuki-Zo MLAs of Manipur wrote a letter to the Election Commission of India (ECI) and have requested to take necessary arrangements for the people who have taken shelter across the country to make necessary arrangements for them to cast their votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections for Manipur.

Manipur-o Suspensions of Operations Agreement-ko den•galani gimin namnikgijaniko mesokna Kuki-Zo re•jomae jingjengata.

Imphal, Mar 4: Sombar salo, Manipur State Assembly-ni gita Manipur a•doko Suspensions of Operations Agreement-ko den•galengani gimin namnikgijaniko mesokna aro a•kaweni dam 19 Police...

Manipur-o tom•tomaniko ra•bapilchina dabie LIMIT dolni dilgipa okumu chake jingjengata

Delhi, Feb 27: 2023 bilsini May jaonin Manipur a•doko so•sojengjeng ong•aniko namatpilna man•kujaengani gimin tom•tomaniko ra•bapilchina gita dabie Lamyamba Irabot Memorial Integrated Trust (LIMIT)-ni...

Manipur High Court withdrew earlier directions to consider Meiteis as Schedule Tribes

In a significant decision, a bench of the Manipur High Court on Wednesday modified its own March 27, 2023 order, ordering the removal of Paragraph 17 (iii), which had instructed the Manipur government to consider the inclusion of Meiteis in the list of Scheduled Tribes.

Manipur’s Sugnu battered by bombardments, casualties up, locals question Central forces’ inaction

Apart from the official report of a BSF jawan being injured in the constant onslaughts, locals claimed that five elderly persons, including four women, died of BP stroke.

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