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Mizoram-o bilsi 2-ni gisepo dengue man•e sak 7 manderang sia

Aizawl, May 18: State Vector Borne Disease Control Program (SVBDCP)-ni u•iatani gitade, Mizoram a•doko battanggimin bilsi 2-ni gisepo Aizawl-ni sak 7 manderang dengue saaniko...

Assam police saksa Election duty ka•engmitingo cerebral malaria sabisiko man•e sia

Guwahati, May 10: Assam-ni Golaghat a•ja ning•o ga•akgipa Sarupathar songoni, bilsi 38 ong•gipa Assam Police Constable, Manoj Gogoi, Chhattisgarh-o election duty ka•engmitingo cerebral malaria...

Anti-malaria bed nets distributed with target to eradicate disease by 2030

A bold plan of the government to eradicate the deadly disease of Malaria from across the country by the year 2030 is also covering the Garo Hills region, where the disease once took scores of lives, with the distribution of the highly efficient and insecticide treated bednets- also known as Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets or LLINs.

8 deaths from Malaria in South Garo Hills

Doctors suspect the number of infections, and even possible deaths, may be higher in the Nangalbibra zone but detection is difficult because of the migrant population.

Tripura: 4,361 people infected with Malaria, authorities send Medical team

The authorities in Tripura have sent emergency medical teams to the affected areas after 4,361 people of contracted Malaria disease mostly in interior tribal hamlet.

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