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Monolith Festival ends, Conrad Sangma pats initiatives to promote Khasi culture to the world  

Shillong, Mar 10: The Monolith Festival, an initiative of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council and Meghalaya Tourism that aimed to promote rich cultural traditions...

Enchanting Khasi culture on display as Monolith Festival takes off at Heritage Village

A vibrant display of rich Khasi culture and tradition is being witnessed at the 3rd edition of the Monolith Festival which took off on Thursday at the iconic Khasi Heritage Village near the famous Sacred Groves of Mawphlang.

Heavy vehicles barred on Mawphlang-Sohra road from 8-10 March

The Superintendent of Police (SP) issued a notification on Tuesday restricting all types of heavy vehicles or trucks from plying towards Mawphlang and Sohra for three consecutive days on March 8, 9, and 10. The restriction will be enforced from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM for three days. This notification is in view of the upcoming Monolith Festival to be held at Mawphlang.

KHADC inspects Khasi Heritage Village ahead of Monolith Festival 2024

Preparation for the upcoming Monolith Festival 2024 is on as the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) inspected the Khasi Heritage Village located near the famous sacred grove at Mawphlang village on Thursday .

Mawphlang Science & Commerce College-ko June jao matchotgen

Shillong, Feb 20: Mawphlang-o rikenggipa Science & Commerce College-ko ia bilsini June jao matchotgnok ine Mongolbar salo, Meghalaya a•dokni Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma...

Mawphlang Science & Commerce College to be completed in June: Rakkam

Minister in-charge Education Rakkam A Sangma on Tuesday informed the Assembly that the construction of the Science and Commerce College at Mawphlang will be completed in June, this year.

President Murmu roots for tribal lifestyle for conserving nature, emphasises women’s vital role

Murmu, during her maiden visit to Mawphlang, admired the 700-year-old sacred grove and applauded the wisdom of the fore-fathers who understood and used the traditional concept of conserving nature.

Mawphlang-o Monolith Festival 2023-ko ong•atna sigipako January 2023-ona ra•doata

Mawphlang-ni Heritage Village-o December 2023 bilsio ong•atna sienggipa Monolith Festival-ko re•baenggipa bilsi 2024-ni January jaona kamrangko matchotkujaenganigmin ra•doataha.

Monolith Festival pushed to January 2024 due to incomplete preparations

The eagerly anticipated Monolith Festival, initially scheduled for December 2023, has been postponed to January 2024 owing to the ongoing works and other preparations at the Heritage Village in Mawphlang.

Iew Mawphlang-o jabol chimongani gari aro public toilet-ko KHADC-ni CEM oprake on•a

Shillong, Dec 6: Budbar salo, Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC)-ni Chief Executive Membor (CEM) Pyniaid Sing Syiem, Hima Mawphlang-ni Iew Mawphlang-o jabol chimongani...

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