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Mira Borthakur Goswami

Assam Lok Sabha polls 2024: Cong and BJP candidates exercise their electoral right for Guwahati LS seat

Mira Borthakur Goswami and Bijulee Kalita Medhi were among the first of voters to have exercised their franchise in the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

BJP dol, kakket ong•gijagipa Orunodoi Scheme-ni form-rangko on•enga ine Cong candidate Mira Goswami matnanga

Guwahati, Apr 25: Guwahati Lok Sabha seat-na susanasienggipa Congress party-ni candidate, Mira Borthakur Goswami, BJP-ni logo aro PM Modi-ni bimang gnanggipa, Orunodoi Scheme-ni kakket...

Congress Candidate Accuses BJP of Misleading Village Women with ‘Fake’ Orunodoi Scheme Forms

Goswami urged the public to reject the government, which she says has closed village schools, allowed liquor shops to open in villages, and failed to address issues such as improved health facilities, schools, a shortage of Garo language teachers in schools, and roads.

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