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Partha Sarathi Mahanta

Assam: Partha Sarathi Mahanta’s “Lachit the Warrior” screened in Cannes 2024 for global audience

Written and directed by Parthasarathi Mahanta and produced by Mina Mahanta and Indrani Baruah, "Lachit - The Warrior" is an audio-visual film on Lachit Barphukan that traces the genesis of the military commander’s ancestry, his charismatic personality, his dexterous skills in diplomacy and naval warfare, physical prowess, unmatched valour, and most importantly, his resolute sense of patriotism

“Credible intelligence on ISIS leaders’ movement led to arrest” says Assam IGP (STF)

Addressing a press conference on the arrest of the wanted ISIS, Assam’s IGP (STF), Partha Sarathi Mahanta, on Thursday said that they had received credible intelligence fifteen days prior which led to the arrest of top ISIS leaders.

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