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Shillong’s ‘unsafe’ water quality: Minister says PHE providing ‘clean & ready to drink’ water to city residents

Shillong, Oct 31: Meghalaya Minister in-charge Public Health Engineering (PHE) Marcuise N Marak on Tuesday said his department is supplying potable drinking water to...

Contracts in Garo Hills PHE going to those who can pay highest bribes

A contractor who was denied a project for allegedly failing to pay a “fee” to obtain the work has blown the lid over the bribery scandal engulfing the Garo Hills where work orders are allegedly given to those who can pay the highest figure to the engineers.

Meghalaya aggressively implements JJM, achieves 56.39% completion

The government of Meghalaya has been aggressively implementing the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) in the state, achieving a completion rate of 56.39 per cent.

PHE alerts Shillong residents of water discoloration due to GSWSS Phase-3 mainline testing

Lyndem said during this period, it is anticipated that there may be variation in water quantity & quality such as temporary discoloration etc through the newly laid gravity mainline to Shillong city and its adjoining areas.

Greater Samanda Water Supply Scheme-ko PHE Minister nianga

Sukrobar salo, Meghalaya a•dokni PHE Minister Marcuise N Marak, PHE-ni Additional Chief Engineer Sanjay Kumar Gajmer, Superintending Engineer Saljrang M Sangma, PHED Simsanggre Division-ni Executive Engineer Sujeet P Marak aro SDO Tengchrang G Momin baksa, Samanda-o dal•dapatenggipa Greater Water Supply Scheme-ko niangaha. Ia scheme-ara Jal Jeevan Mission 2021-ni ning•o ra•chakgipa scheme ong•a aro ian Samanda jolo donggipa dam 20 songni 1410 nokdangrangna ringani chiko on•enggipa scheme ong•achim.

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