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Power Minister

Power Minister says Meghalaya’s power scenario ‘comfortable’ despite relying only on hydro power

Power Minister Abu Taher Mondal on Tuesday said the state is in a very comfortable position so far as the power scenario is concerned despite depending wholly on hydro power projects.

Power Minister warns mobile service providers, asks them to clear dues

Power Minister Abu Taher Mondal on Friday said the mobile service providers have been asked to immediately clear their pending electricity bills to avoid disconnection.

Jabolrangoniko bijoli bikotna cholrangko M’laya sorkari nienga

Iani bidingo Power department, Urban Affairs department baksa tom·e agangrikanggen ineba Mondal parakataha.

MeECL decided to reduce load shedding in a phase manner: Power Minister

On Wednesday, the Meghalaya High Court had directed the State to file a comprehensive report indicating the measures to reduce the shortfall of power in the state.

Meghalaya govt exploring idea of generating electricity from waste: Power Minister

Using garbage for energy can neatly solve the issue of excessive reliance on landfills while at the same time helping address residents’ energy and heating needs.

Meghalaya Power Minister says study is on for retrofitting of Umiam bridge

Mondal told reporters that free hand is given to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati to complete the study and submit its report.

Govt’s effort are on to bring renewable energy within reach and budget of common public: AT Mondal

Mondal also said the alternative of hydroelectric energy is renewable energy for which the government's efforts are on.

M’laya-o renewable energy-ko jakkalskana jotton ka•enga ine Power Minister paraka

Meghalaya a•doko songdongenggiparangna aro dingtang dingtang department-rangna bijoliko chu•onga gita on•na man•jaengani gimin dingtang cholrangkoba sandina gita nangenga ine janapatengon, balwa ba salrangoniko bikotgipa bijolirangko jakkalskana gita sorkari cholrangko sandienga ine Power Minister parakataha.

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