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Primary school teachers

Primary skulrango skigiparang jegale re·joma

2010 bilsini April ja dipet bon·atgipa Old Pension Scheme-ko tangatpiltaichina aro Lower Primary skulrango skigiparangna jaantian somoi gita dormaharangko on·an baksana skigiparangni kamko regularize ka·china dabie, Sombar salo All Meghalaya Primary School Teachers Association (AMPSTA), jinma re·jomaniko ong·atangaha.

Primary school teachers protest over demands to revive old pension scheme, regular monthly salary

The All Meghalaya Primary School Teachers' Association (AMPSTA) organised a protest rally on Monday to demand from the government that it revive the Old Pension Scheme, which has been suspended since April 2010.

Primary school teachers to join ‘Bharat Yatra’ in Shillong tomorrow

The procession is set to start from the Community Hall at Golf Links and culminate at the same place after going to different areas.

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