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Relief Camps

Manipur: Displaced Meitei citizens’ body seeks monetary allowance for sustenance

Despite the government having taken up different schemes for the welfare of the people currently sheltered at relief camps, owing to the continuing ethnic strife, the affected people belonging to the Meitei community have voiced out their utmost sufferings in eking out their living.

Kangpokpi-ni relief camp-o dongenggipa nok-jam gri ong·gipa manderangna a·dokni minister Nemcha Kipgen, ba·ra-kancharangko suale on·anga

Manipur a·dokni cabinet minister aro batanggimin somoio Covid 19 sajinma ong·katmitingo neng·nikaniko man·gipa manderangna dingtang dingtang dake dakchakanirangko on·eming manderangchi mittel-mitchuako man·pilgipa Ma Nemcha Kipgen, Manipur a·doko kajia-golmal ong·anichi nok-jamrangko wate katna draatako man·e Kangpokpi a·jani relief camp-o ma·chake dongenggipa manderangko Sombar salo grongangenba uamangna ba·ra-kancharangko suale on·angaha.

Centre yet to provide any funds for displaced people of Manipur taking shelter at Mizoram relief camps

Despite several requests, the Central government is yet to provide any funds to Mizoram to provide relief to over 12,600 people who took shelter in the state after being displaced from Manipur.

Mizoram to seek public donation to provide relief to displaced people of Manipur

The Mizoram government has decided to seek public donation to provide relief to displaced people of Manipur, who have migrated to the Mizoram following outbreak of violence in their State.

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