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Sohra Govt College

Govt to continue investment in education; Conrad assures approval of multi-disciplinary subjects in all Govt colleges

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma on Tuesday said that the government is commitment to investing in education and enhancing infrastructure for higher and technical education in the state.

Lekka porana sorkari tangka paisarangko koros ka•angkugen: Conrad

Meghalaya a•doko lekka porani gadangko tang•doatna gita a•dok sorkari, tangka paisarangko nangani kri koros ka•angkugen aro chubata gadangni lekka porana nokrangkoba rike on•angkugen ine Mongolbar salo, Meghalaya a•dokni Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, East Khasi Hills a•jani Sohra Government College-o jinmana parakataha.

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