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South-East Asian Cultural Confluence

Gnigipa South-East Asian Cultural Confluence-ko Guwahati-o ong·atenga

Dingtang dingtang jatni daka rikaniko aro tourism-ko tang·doatna gita miksonganio, North East Aashirvad Foundation-ni gita gnigipa South-East Asian Cultural Confluence-ko December 8 tarikoni December 12 tarikona Guwahati songjinmao ong·atenga.

2nd South-East Asian Cultural Confluence ignites Guwahati with Global folk dances and cross-cultural collaboration

Aashirvad Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to cultural enrichment, is organising the 2nd South-East Asian Cultural Confluence 2023 in Guwahati. The event, spanning five days from 8th to 12th December, aims to bolster cultural ties and promote tourism in the North-East region.

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