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Treesbirth Momin scores twice to help Maram FC beat BOCA Juniors 3-2

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Tura, May 8: In the 14th match of the Tura Football League 2024, Maram FC won their fourth match after beating BOCA Juniors 3-2 on Wednesday at the GBHSS Chandmary Football Turf in Tura.

Maram FC opened the scoreline early with a goal from Treesbirth Momin in the 11th minute and maintained the lead for most of the first half.

Initially, the BOCA Juniors team’s play seemed haywire with their attempts and empty passes, but they eventually managed to equalize the scoreline when Salrim Marak found the back of the net with his goal in the 43rd minute.

Returning from halftime, both teams frequently attacked but were unsuccessful. However, in the 58th minute, Togam Marak secured a goal, setting up a 2-1 lead in favor of Maram FC.


BOCA Juniors tried their best to overturn the lead but struggled to maintain ball possession. Meanwhile, Maram FC added one more goal to their scorecard when Treesbirth Momin scored his second goal of the match in the 75th minute with a free kick.


As the second half of the game neared its conclusion, the 3-1 lead set by Maram FC appeared to be a difficult task for the BOCA Juniors team to overcome. However, in the 89th minute, Barnawel Shira secured the last goal in favor of the BOCA Juniors team. The match ended with a 3-2 scoreline, and Maram FC emerged victorious.

Both Treesbirth Momin and Lucas Rabha of Maram FC received yellow cards in the 60th minute, and Konaton Rabha of BOCA Juniors received his yellow card in the 64th minute.

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