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Trump vs Biden… The POTUS race

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Washington D.C, Nov 5: The Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden nearly hit the magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to win the U.S Presidential Election with still several battleground states in play, President Donald Trump challenged the vote count. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania to contest vote counts.

Being the most powerful position in the world, the whole world is on the US elections for the next President. Global leaders are also watching closely, reeling from four years of maverick foreign policy and hostile trade talks. For most global leaders a Biden Presidency will be a ‘honeymoon’, says American political scientist Ian Bremmer. “They will delight in a President that isn’t trying to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord or the WHO and doesn’t disparage the WTO,” says Bremmer. “India is one of the countries that actually does really stand to benefit no matter what happens right now in the United States”, added Ian Bremmer.

Several aspects that India will benefit—Foreign Policy, on Trade, on Immigration, on Environment.

On both sides, India will remain a key partner in efforts to contain China. Even beyond China, the Indo-US relationship has been progressing steadily since 2010 and a possible change of guard in Washington is unlikely to derail the journey. While Trump has a good personal equation with Prime Minister Modi, The Biden- Harris combination is also a win-win with Kamala Harris’ Indian roots expected to play a part.


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