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Tura Football League | Garuda team fails to show up, Druma Sandruma awarded victory via walkover

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Tura, May 7: A dramatic turn of events unfolded in the Thirteenth match of the Tura Football League, scheduled between Druma Sandruma and Garuda Foundation on Tuesday, but it was cancelled.

According to officials, the Garuda Foundation team did not show up for the match and has not provided any information regarding their absence yet.

In light of the cancellation, officials have decided to award Druma Sandruma, the opposition team, a win and all three points.

The Garuda team will incur a loss in this match and will be fined as per the DFA (District Football Association) rules and regulations.


The league will proceed as scheduled with the remaining fixtures on Wednesday.

Officials state that the fine for a team’s first walkover is ₹2500, for the second walkover it’s ₹5000, and for the third walkover, the team will be relegated to the next lower division, according to the rules and regulations of the DFA.

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