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Tura League 2024 | West Balalgre climb to second place after 4-0 win over Dadenggre YC

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Tura, May 11: The 16th match of the Tura Football League on Friday between West Balalgre Club and Dadenggre YC, turned into an eventful encounter amid heavy rainfall that flooded the Chandmari Football Turf, Tura.

From the first whistle, both teams seemed evenly matched as they maintained ball possession and created multiple scoring opportunities. However, in the 13th minute, Walseng Sangma from West Balalgre broke the deadlock with a stunning goal, tipping the scales in their favor.

Tura League 2024 | West Balalgre climb to second place after 4-0 win over Dadenggre YC

The game continued with both teams creating chances, but Albush Sangma of West Balalgre received the first yellow card.

31st minutes into play, the drizzle turned into a torrential downpour turning the Chandmari Astro turf into a swimming pool, forcing officials to suspend the game until the rain subsided. The heavy rainstorm flooded the ground with ankle-deep water, causing significant disruption.

Tura League 2024 | West Balalgre climb to second place after 4-0 win over Dadenggre YC

DFA committee members and match officials worked together to clear the drains blocked by fallen leaves and debris, while players from both teams lent their assistance so they can continue with the match.

After an hour of rain, floods, and thunder, officials decided to resume the match, providing only 7 minutes of halftime due to the hour-long halt period.

The remainder of the first half saw players adapting to the drenched turf, adding to the difficulty of passing.

Returning from the abbreviated break, the West Balalgre team quickly regained momentum, with Walseng Sangma scoring again in the 59th minute.


Sengrin Sangma followed suit, registering the team’s third goal in the 67th minute, before Walseng Sangma sealed the victory with his third goal in the 76th minute, securing Balalgre’s place in the second spot on the points table.

Meanwhile, Dadenggre YC struggled to close the gap, facing difficulties in maintaining possession throughout the second half, with Bokseng Sangma and Jani Sangma receiving yellow cards in the 51st and 53rd minutes respectively. Only Lackwing Marak of West Balalgre received a yellow card in the 91st minute of the two-minute extra time allotted.

West Balalgre Club managed an impressive 4-0 victory against Dadenggre YC, propelling them to the second spot on the points table.

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