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Explosive Fallout: VPP Purges Avner Pariat for Alleged Betrayal as He Blasts Party’s ‘Fanatical Shift’ and Bows Out Dramatically”

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Shillong, April 20: Avner Medon Pariat, has tendered his resignation from the opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) citing concerns over the party’s alleged drift towards “religious fanaticism.” Pariat, who contested as the VPP’s MLA candidate from East Shillong in the 2023 Assembly polls, expressed his decision in a letter addressed to party members, outlining his disillusionment with the party’s direction.

“I joined the VPP with the belief that it stood for positive change which is the need of the hour. However, as time has passed, I have become increasingly disillusioned by the direction the party has taken,” Pariat wrote. He highlighted the party’s shift towards religious fervor as particularly troubling, stating that it contradicted his principles and upbringing.

He further stated that many supporters have urged me to stay silent and to speak out only once I am MDC (which I have a strong chance of winning) but it is against my principles to be duplicitous. Hence, I feel it is better to exit gracefully while the party is still at its high point rather than at its nadir.”

However, the party’s response was swift and decisive. In an official statement issued by Kara H. Shen, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, and Grossper Ryntathiang, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, the VPP announced the expulsion of Pariat over allegations of disloyalty.

The statement cited that Pariat’s social media post favored another political party and was the reason of his expulsion. The VPP emphasized its commitment to maintaining discipline and integrity within its ranks, asserting that Pariat’s actions had tarnished the party’s reputation and the party was compelled to expel him as a disciplinary action.

Avner Pariat had unsuccessfully contested from East Shillong LAC in the Assembly polls in 2023 from the Voice of the People Party (VPP).

Announcing his decision to retire from state electoral politics, Pariat said, “I will retire -for the time being from state electoral politics which has become so divisive and cruel. I was known for being an independent critic and I will return to this role as I feel it is the best fit for me as I endeavour to expand the minds and ideas of the people.”

Stating that he will not join any other political party in the immediate future, Pariat said, “I will not join any other political party in the immediate future so my silence about party meetings and discussions is guaranteed. Instead, I will return to my pen, and planning table, as I seek out a future for the state through my own Socialist ideals.”

“I want to thank the party for the opportunities and experiences that I have had during my time. I have met many wonderful people and learned a great deal, and for that, I will always be grateful. Please consider this letter as my formal resignation, effective immediately. I wish the party all the best in its future endeavours,” he concluded.

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