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Young voters assert their opinion to cast vote for honest candidates

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Shillong, Jan 25: Several young and first-time voters on Monday received their EPIC cards from the Governor of Meghalaya Satya Pal Malik on the occasion of the National Voters Day. Most of these young voters remarked that their priority for choosing a candidate will be the one who dedicates themselves for the cause of their people.

“My priority will be the candidate who will be working for us”, said a voter, who was elated to receive his EPIC from the Governor.

The younger generation is looking for a viable option to vote, they strongly feel that a politician should be honest to serve the society.

“I am very excited, from Childhood we used to see our elders voting and choosing a person who would represent us. It is very exciting being a first time voter, my priority will be the candidate who will be working for us, for me my priority of choosing a candidate will be work, not religion or anything,” said Subhangkar Debroy in an interview with Hub News at Raj Bhavan, Shillong.

“Today is a memorable day for me. In 2023, I will be voting for the first time and I hope I will choose a candidate who is perfect for our country and people of our nation as well,” said Enrika Thangkiew, a first time voter who received her EPIC.

Governor Satya Pal Malik advised the young voters not to get affected by any extraneous consideration. “Voting is a great asset and I congratulate the young voters. The power of vote is immense and getting a vote is a great achievement, I appeal to them (the first time voters) to exercise it with courage and honesty. They should be very vigilant and should not be affected by anything extraneous consideration, I wish them well,” the Governor said.

On this day, the Election Commission of India also launched the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) programme during the National Voters’ Day celebrations.

The e-elector photo identity card is a non-editable digital version of the elector photo identity card and it can be saved in facilities like digi locker and can be printed in the PDF format, an election commission official said.

The e-EPIC is a very innovative measure whereby each and every elector can download on his/her mobile phone through the voter App, what is known as a virtual EPIC.


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