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Young woman and married man tied together in electric poll and publicly humiliated in bizarre incident in Tripura

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Belonia, August 19: A deeply unsettling incident unfolded in Belonia, Tripura, involving the public humiliation of a young woman and a married man who were apprehended by local residents over an alleged extramarital affair.

The incident occurred on Saturday within the jurisdiction of the Belonia police station, specifically in the Munda Basti of Ishanchandranagar village, situated within the Belonia subdivision.


According to accounts, Dulal Debnath, a married man and father of two, was found to be engaged in a romantic relationship with a 20-year-old woman from the same area. The young woman resided with her elder cousin brother and his wife.

Caught “red-handed” by a group of local residents earlier in the day, both individuals were subjected to a “shalishi baithak,” a form of impromptu public trial, during which they were tied to an electric post. In the midst of this ordeal, police arrived on the scene and ultimately intervened to release the two.


None of the parties involved, including the injured man and woman, chose to file any formal complaints though police has registered a case and an investigation was underway.

Meantime, in connection with the incident, Sushil Munda, the cousin brother of the young woman, was taken into custody while his wife, Pratima Munda, was also implicated in the physical assault on both the man and the woman.


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