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55-year-old women shot in front of her daughter and son-in-law

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Tura, Oct 17: An aged 55 year old woman was dragged out of her house while her daughter and son in law were locked inside before she was shot and then had her throat slashed by a group of unidentified attackers late last night.

According to an FIR filed by the brother of the victim, identified as Jenolish M Marak about 5-6 armed miscreants entered the house of the victim located at Karshengdhap village near Tikrikilla in West Garo Hills and threatened her family to not venture out before they dragged the 55 year old out of her house, took her to the courtyard and fired at her.

In the meanwhile, the scared family members were huddled in fear within the house after two of the attackers stood by at the door of the victim’s house, threatening to kill them if they tried to intervene.

Later as if to ensure that the victim was dead, they slashed her throat so hard that her neck was severed from her body. The entire incident took place within a space of a few minutes after which the attackers left the scene.

“After being sure that the attackers had left the house, the family ventured out to check on the victim and found her in the state with blood all over the place. She was killed instantly and the family members informed the headman of the incident after which the police were informed,” stated the FIR.

The FIR was filed at the Tikrikilla PS under which the incident took place.

A local source said that the killers could not be seen because of the darkness but were heard during the entire episode. However they are yet to be identified. The family through the FIR has urged prompt action by the police so that the suspects behind cold blooded murder of the 55 year old woman could be found and punished accordingly.

Interestingly there has been no information on why the 55 year old woman was murdered in such a gruesome manner with an investigation currently underway by the police. Most believe there could be a personal angle to the murder.

Confirming the development, the superintendent of police, West Garo Hills, Dr Raghavendra Kumar said that the case was under investigation.

“We are looking at all angles of the case and are hopeful of a breakthrough soon. The body of the woman was sent to Tura for post mortem. As it is a woman related crime, a Women’s Team was also sent to look into all aspects of the case. We will be able to update once more information is available,” said Dr Kumar.

Given the severity of the crime, the SP stated that a special investigation team (SIT) has been formed to investigate the murder. It will be led by the SDPO – Raksamgre and will consist of the 2nd OC of Tikrikilla, a woman officer from Tura along with the Cyber Crime Investigation Centre (CCIC) to look into the murder. The team will be supervised by the SP himself.


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