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Ampareen assures to take up all pending issues of the state if elected MP

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SHILLONG, APR 16: NPP’s candidate for Shillong parliamentary seat and cabinet minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Tuesday assured to take up all pending issues of the state with the Centre if elected member of parliament (MP).

Urging the people of Nongkrem constituency to extend full support to her candidature, Lyngdoh said, “I am prepared to face the election. I have visited almost all villages across the 36 constituencies and have the people there. Though I am just a woman, I am determined that I can bring a change in the governance, which the MDA-2 government is in need of as we need some one who can connect with Delhi to take up issues of the state. I feel I can be that person, who can represent this constituency and I promise you that I will work very hard to take up all pending issues of the state with the Centre government.”


She also urged people to keep aside their party affiliations and the flags of their respective parties, which they supported during the MLA and MDC elections and extend full support to her candidature for the upcoming MP elections.

“The power is with you to decide whether Ampareen Lyngdoh is fit or not to represent Shillong constituency and sit among the over 500 MPs in parliament,” she said.

Stating that her objective is to bring development to the state, Lyngdoh however said, “Those who have said so many things against me will one day come to me and seek help but I promise you that I will help you and ensure developmental schemes provided by the Government of India reaches you and each and everyone.”

She also asked people to take a call after they have given others a chance to be their MP for the past 15 years and said, “You have experienced what it is to send an MP, who has to sit in the opposition, there is no development at all. So this is your chance to take a call.”

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