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Ampareen assures transparent selection for enhanced 108 services in Meghalaya

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Shillong, Oct 31: Meghalaya Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Tuesday assured that they are going to bring in a 108 service in the State that is going to live up to the name and notion of life saving services, and that bidders should not get the idea that there will be favouritism.

Speaking to media persons, Lyngdoh said, “I want to reassure everyone that we are trying our best to ensure that bidders do not get the impression that there is going to be any favouritism in our selection procedure. It is a laid out transparent system, marks have been allotted in the pre bid meetings. The entire procedure was explained to the bidders, already marks have been displayed in the website of the NHM, there should be no reason for anyone to get the impression that we are going to favour anyone.”


She further added that there is stiff competition amongst all the bidders and big enthusiasm amongst all players is seen. Lyngdoh added that they have a competent group and a competent committee that is looking into the matter. “We will ensure that we are able to bring forward a service that is going to live up to the image of a life-saving service,” she emphasised.

Concerning the workers of 108, the Health Minister assured that they are trying their best to cover all workers and ensure that any group that is going to be coming in should protect the services of employees that have given committed service to the 108 for so many years since the start of its operations in Meghalaya.


“I will give them the assurance that we are already including a specific clause to ensure that as many rights as possible for workers of the 108 services should be covered by whichever group that comes in,” said Lyngdoh.

She explained that there will be a procedure of testing and re-evaluation, which is the practice in any such unorganized sector. But the government wants to ensure that workers are protected and if they are competent, they should be permitted to continue in their services. There are workers who have worked for more than 10 years. The government wants to ensure that this time whoever the bidder is there should be a partnership with local players, she added.


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