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As the sun sets, Tura remembers the melodies of Trady Singkam D. Shira

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Tura, Aug 23: The resonant chords of Tura’s music scene have been silenced as the vibrant notes of young musician Trady Singkam D. Shira fade away, marking the end of a remarkable journey.

Born on July 21, 1989, he was the cherished and only son of Mr. and Mrs. Grithalson Arengh, hailing from Mondol Tilla, Hawakhana, Tura.

His journey, a testament to passion and dedication, is etched with moments that defined his life.

As the sun sets, Tura remembers the melodies of Trady Singkam D. Shira

From the tender years of primary education to the culmination of his academic pursuits, Trady Singkam D Shira’s footsteps were imprinted in Tura’s institutions. The corridors of Garo Union School in Tura witnessed his formative years, as he journeyed from class 1 to 10. His thirst for knowledge led him to Don Bosco College, where he pursued from his 11th-grade studies till completion of his graduation in Commerce stream. He further pursued his academic aspirations, achieving a Master’s degree in Commerce from IGNOU, an accomplishment that reflected his commitment to knowledge and self-improvement.


However, it was the strings of music that resonated most deeply within him. His dedication to his craft led him to the renowned Delhi School of Music, where he honed his guitar skills, eventually achieving proficiency up to grade 7. Music became his companion, an expression of his soul that transcended boundaries.

As the sun sets, Tura remembers the melodies of Trady Singkam D. Shira

Yet, his journey extended beyond personal accomplishment. Driven by a desire to spread the joy of music, he founded the Musitorium Music School in Tura, where aspiring musicians could find their own harmonious path.

However, tragedy struck on August 22, 2023, when he lost the battle against cancer, leaving the music fraternity of Garo Hills enveloped in shock and grief. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March 2022, and had gone to several places for treatment including Mumbai.


His loss has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him. Hub News and the media fraternity of Garo Hills join in mourning the loss of this young and promising talent. His legacy will forever resonate through the melodies he crafted, the lives he touched, and the dreams he ignited.

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