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Bethany Hospitals commemorate legacy of its founder Dr. Sailo at 2nd Memorial Oration

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Shillong, Oct 11: Bethany Hospitals held the 2nd Dr. John L. Sailo Ryntathiang Memorial Oration on Tuesday (October 10, 2023), an annual event to commemorate the legacy and remarkable contributions of the hospital’s founder (L) Dr. John L. Sailo Ryntathiang.

This event is a testament to Bethany Hospitals’ unwavering commitment to preserving the vision and values of its founder (L) Dr. John L. Sailo Ryntathiang, whose impact on the medical profession and society continues to resonate. This year’s oration was delivered by Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa, a prominent public speaker and acclaimed writer. Dr. Kevichusa’s notable achievements include being the recipient of the prestigious First Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature.

Dr. Kevichusa reflected on the core values of Bethany Hospitals: Compassion, Care, and Commitment. He stressed the significance of compassion in the medical field, distinguishing it from empathy, emphasizing that compassion involves not only understanding the pain and suffering of others but also having a profound desire to alleviate that suffering. He also discussed the history of hospitals evolving from places of cure to places of care. Dr. Kevichusa praised hospitals for their compassionate approach to healthcare. He pointed out that while hospitals primarily aim to cure, care is equally vital. Care, in this context, is not just about physical healing but also about providing comfort and support to patients.

Dr. Kevichusa advocated for healthcare professionals to see their patients as individuals, emphasizing the quality of life rather than the quantity. He emphasized the need for a commitment to care in healthcare, suggesting that care transcends curing, providing comfort and focusing on the quality of life. Additionally, he discussed the importance of a commitment to community, charity, confidentiality and conscience within the medical field.

In conclusion, Dr. Kevichusa suggested that healthcare professionals should consider their work a calling from God. He also reflected on the term “Bethany” which means “house of misery” or “house of suffering” and that Bethany Hospitals symbolizes “hospitality in the house of affliction.”

The event was further enriched by an enchanting musical performance by Nise Meruno, a celebrated Yamaha Ambassador known for his soulful melodies. It was a fitting tribute to Dr. Sailo, whose deep love for music and its ability to provide solace and inspiration was well-known.

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