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Bethany Hospital

Bethany Hospital, Shillong awarded prestigious centre for Quality Promotion Recognition by CAHO

In an unparalleled achievement for healthcare excellence in the Northeast region, Bethany Hospital, Shillong, has been designated as a Centre for Quality Promotion by the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO), India.

Bethany Hospitals commemorate legacy of its founder Dr. Sailo at 2nd Memorial Oration

This event is a testament to Bethany Hospitals' unwavering commitment to preserving the vision and values of its founder (L) Dr. John L. Sailo Ryntathiang, whose impact on the medical profession and society continues to resonate.

Bethany Hospital-o gnigipa changna Dr Sailo Rynthathiang Memorial Oration-ko ong•ata

Shillong, Oct 11: Dr John L. Sailo Rynthathiang-ni kamrangko gisik ra•na gita Budbar salo, gnigipa changna Dr John L. Sailo Rynthathiang Memorial Oration-ko Shillong...

Nongpoh-ni Bethany Hospital-o Peritoneal Dialysis-ko chu•sokata

Nongpoh-ni Bethany Hospital Outreach-o skanggipa changna atchidaldal bi•sako Peritoneal Dialysis dakanio ba nosto ong•gimin ka•rongteko sannanio chu•sokgipa ong•aha ine kobor on•aha.

Bethany Hospital Outreach in Nongpoh performs breakthrough Peritoneal Dialysis on newborn

In a groundbreaking development for rural healthcare, Bethany Hospital Outreach in Nongpoh has achieved a remarkable medical feat by successfully performing peritoneal dialysis on a newborn for the first time. Led by Dr. D. Ranee, Consultant Paediatrician, the hospital delivered specialized treatment to a critically ill newborn.

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