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Days after BJP supporters in Tripura raised slogans demanding removal of chief minister, Biplab Deb calls ‘public meeting’ to seek ‘peoples’ mandate’

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Agartala, Dec 9: Days after a section of BJP supporters in Tripura’s capital Agartala raised slogans seeking change of chief minister, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Tuesday in a rather bizarre move has claimed that he would sought ‘people’s mandate’ for him to be at the chair. He has decided that on December 13, he would meet the people of the state in an open for all public event where he would ask people if they want him to continue. For the past few months ‘dissidence’ has been brewing among the BJP rank and file against the chief Minister, a section of the party MLAs had even met party top leadership earlier asking for a leadership change, party sources added.

“Whether I continue or I am to go, it’s up to you, deliver your mandate. I will be at Stable Ground (Vivekananda Maidan )  on Tuesday at 2 PM, and your word will be communicated to my high command, “ I am saddened by the slogan. My only fault, maybe I am committed to the development of the state, my time is capped at five years as an elected government chosen for five years, I am no government officer serving for thirty years. Friends! Chanting Modi-mantra I vow to work day and night together. People entrusted me the task electing me, I would remember them forever.” Deb said in a hurriedly called press conference in state capital Agartala on Tuesday.

On Sunday, when Vinod Sonkar,  newly appointed party observer for Tripura and party’s national secretary had visited Agartala to take stock of organizational activities of the party, a section of BJP supporters has raised ‘Biplab Hotao, Tripura Bachao’ ( Expel Biplab, Save Tripura’)  slogans at State Guest House.

Party sources added that Deb has turned ‘emotional’ as he addressed the press conference on Tuesday.

It is very unusual for an elected Chief Minister to seek ‘public mandate’ to decide whether he should stay in office for not.

Deb became the chief minister for the first time after the BJP along with its ally – INPT, registered a landmark victory in Tripura in 2018 assembly polls uprooting the Left regime that was in power since 1993.


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