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Conrad says Speaker’s decision to adjourn House as per rule

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Shillong, March 24: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday said the House was adjourned by the Speaker as per rule.

“…the rule book specifically mentioned that on Friday the House will function from 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock,” Sangma told reporters.

His statement came as a reaction to the opposition expressed by the Voice of the People Party against the time allotment while threatening to hit the streets over the issue related to the implementation of the roster system.

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“Some of the opposition has stressed on the rules many times and said rules should be followed and that is exactly what the Speaker is doing. He is going as per the rules, as per the business advisory committee (BAC)’s decision and all the points have been mentioned based on that,” he said.

The chief minister however said that there are many occasions in which they (opposition) can speak about this issue.

“There is the debate on the Governor’s Address, there is the budget discussion, there can be special motions, there can be short discussion – so many options are there. Therefore, the members are free to raise any issue any time,” Sangma added.

On the VPP’s allegation, Sangma said, “…all the issues that have ever been brought up, we have always discussed the matters, we have never shied away from anything and in the future also we will never shy away from any of the issues.”

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