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Delhi echoes with voices for demand for inclusion of Khasi language in the 8th Schedule

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Delhi, Sept 29: The demand for the inclusion of the Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution rekindled during the national seminar on “Khasi Language, Literature, and Culture,” organized by the Khasi Authors’ Society (KAS) in collaboration with the Hynñiew-Trep Delhi Association (HDA), held on Friday in national capital, New Delhi.

Delhi echoes with voices for demand for inclusion of Khasi language in the 8th Schedule

Intellectuals from various sections, including learned professors, scholars, and researchers from the country’s top universities, as well as pressure groups, were in attendance at this national seminar.

Delhi echoes with voices for demand for inclusion of Khasi language in the 8th Schedule

Member of Parliament (MP) from Shillong Parliamentary seat, Vincent H. Pala, lauded the KAS and HDA for organizing such a seminar, which will provide a platform for academia and intellectuals to share their ideas and perspectives on the long-standing demand for the inclusion of the Khasi Language in the Eighth Schedule.

“There is always a hit and miss; we will not miss all the time, but we need to keep on hitting,” added the MP as he encouraged everyone to work together to turn this long-standing dream into a reality.

Stressing on the need for such seminars, Pala cited the example of the Bodo Language, stating that it is only through good presentations and platforms like these that the Government of India can be compelled to recognize the language under the Eighth Schedule.

The Union government has recognized 22 languages, and currently, there are 38 other languages under scrutiny.

He also expressed the urgent need to encourage the Members of the Assembly (MLAs) to conduct their business in Khasi, as it will lend more weight to the demand for the inclusion of the Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule.

Emphasizing the same subject, Cabinet Minister and Government Official Spokesperson, Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh, mentioned that recently a government delegation led by Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to press him on this long-standing agenda.

She stressed that as the government, they have taken many productive steps to pressure the Union government to recognize the Khasi Language, including the Resolution passed by the Assembly, the tabulation of documents, and multiple meetings with the Union government in this regard. However, the Minister said, “But none of this seems to be yielding positive results,” adding that the State government needs to take a few more ‘Constitutional Steps’ as provided by the Constitution.

Lyngdoh emphasized the need for all political parties of the State to come together without personal political considerations, and to collectively work as one force to push forward in achieving this demand.

“Maybe, we need to push forward or route forward the idea of a Private Member’s Bill, or maybe, we need to look at gathering enough discussion in the House so that we can highlight to the Government of India that recognition of Khasi language is a long, long dream of the people,” she said.


Also acknowledging efforts of all the previous governments to push for this recognition, she said that many years have passed, and the struggle for the recognition of the Khasi language has reached a certain milestone. It has been received that the Khasi language is among the 38 other languages now listed for consideration by the government of India in the amendment of the Eighth Schedule.

“With that information, we seem to be closer to this goal, we should not leave this now and we should continue to build this pressure so that if there are just 38 languages across the country that have been confirmed and are eligible to be recognized as languages of a state, I think that is in itself good information for us,” she opined.

When reacting to the national seminar, the minister said it is an important seminar that will bring all the “minds” together to determine what necessary steps still need to be taken for the people of the state to achieve this long-standing agenda.

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