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Dr Aman War wants to make North Shillong, Shillong’s trade hub, shine like a ‘diamond’

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Shillong, Feb 7: UDP candidate from North Shillong, Dr Aman War, has assured to make the constituency shine like a ‘diamond’ if elected as its representative. The former Director of Health Services (MI) turned politician filed his nomination on Tuesday and was accompanied by party leaders and supporters.

Speaking to reporters, Dr War said he has decided to contest the upcoming elections after seeing the scenario in the state with regards to governance.

“I have just retired from government service and whatever little experience that I have gained from there I want to put it in the political side to make this state a patch of beauty as they have already fought from the beginning,” he said.

Referring to the North Shillong constituency as an ‘unpolished diamond’, Dr War said, “We have got the economy in my constituency right from Iewduh up to Khyndailad and we need to polish this and shine again like a diamond.”

He also highlighted the multiple issues of the constituency that include education, employment, health, social welfare and others.

On the Congress’ allegation that he had gained from the Covid scam, Dr War however said, “For nearly thirty years I have worked that means I have not earned anything, I have not saved anything.”

Stating that the Covid pandemic came like hurricane, he said, “…how did it go, how did it disappear, it disappeared like a clam breeze. Why? Because all the Covid warriors right from the political leadership upto the last level, they fought including the shnongs, they fought so well and that point of time before the end of the Corona in the state, we have said we have to learn to live with this disease. When again news items came up that again it is reappearing, there was no panic and that is what we have done – put that confidence. We have asked the people to learn to live with this and to be prepared for any eventuality also for any type of disease.”

The former DHS (MI) however said that the expenditure of the DHS (MI) at that point of time was around Rs 248 crore. “Now the expenditure is Rs 803 crore. You have to ask who are people involved in this Rs 803 crore,” he said while adding, “The government had placed everything on the floor of the House in the Assembly and most of the members were there and they could have questioned if that allegation is correct, if there is an irregularity. There is no irregularity, I know that,” he stressed.

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