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GSU’s Chokpot unit elects new office bearers, Jish A. Sangma elected as Prez

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Tura, Oct 3: The Chokpot Regional Unit of the Garo Students’ Union (GSU) has elected Jish A. Sangma as the unit’s new president, the election for which was held recently.

The election to elect new office bearers for the regional unit was held on September 27, 2023 and results were also declared on the same day. While Jish A Sangma was elected as the President, Spencer R Sangma was elected as the General Secretary.

On October 2, 2023 (Monday), the newly elected President and General Secretary appointed in-charges for the various committees of the unit.

Here is the full list of office bearers:
President: Jish A Sangma
Vice-presidents: Chengbirth M Sangma and Dingrak R Marak
General Secretary: Spencer R Sangma
Assistant General Secretaries: Saint Lawrence T Sangma and Nangrimwell R Sangma
Publicity Secretaries: Rikkim Ch. Marak, Dilling R Marak, Whysent Ch Marak
Financial in-charge: Winchang R Sangma, Aling G Momin, Trembush Ch Marak, Tengkan N Sangma, Tingku R Marak
Environment in-charge: Tengsrang R Marak, Beclyne R Marak, Tony Trebart R Marak
Education in-charge: Edward Ch Marak, Creatwillstone Ch Marak
Social Welfare in-charge: Chesrang N Sangma, Simrang R Marak
Tourism in-charge: Jesh Ch Marak, Solvin R Marak
Organiser Secretaries: Deniwasly R Sangma, Sengjister R Sangma, Alvarest R Marak, Helbastin R Sangma, Trejit Ch Marak
Art and socio-cultural in-charge: Weyong R Marak, Crozier R Marak
Games and Sports in-charge: Sengdora R Marak, Brening R Marak, Silcheng T Sangma
Chief Advisers: Chamujar Ch Sangma, Jeshwell Ch Marak, NobertFuller Ch. Marak
Legal Advisers: Chesrang R Marak, Leobirth R Sangma.
Joint Action Committee: Rikamchang R Marak, Jakrim A Sangma, Bruster R Marak, Tangsuel R Marak, Tangrak R Sangma, Sengchon Ch Sangma, Tangrim S Marak, Harno R Sangma, Batsrang T Sangma, Strong G Momin, Rangku R Sangma
Executive Members: Chesterfield R Sangma, Stanwood T Sangma, Chandra R Sangma, Eliber T Sangma, Wilber R Sangma, Bristein R Sangma, Mikasal R Sangma, Blessborn N Sangma, Tuseng N Sangma, Tuchang Sangma, Little John Marak, Chelbat Sangma, Bilde Sangma, Tony Marak, Holly Beckham Sangma, and Sengbath Sangma.

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