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‘ILP and Hill state movement is similar’: CoMSO

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Shillong, Jan 21: As Meghalaya celebrates its 49 years statehood journey, the Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organisation (CoMSO) held a demonstration on Thursday at Malki ground, Shillong.

The CoMSO declaring it to be a ‘mourning day’ citing pending and unresolved issues in the state that were not attended to by different Governments.

Expressing gratitude to “committed legislators” who brought the Meghalaya Land Transfer acts, Meghalaya Reservation Policy and other laws, chairman of CoMSO Robert Kharjahrin said that the state is still grappling with manifold issues.

“We mourn because government after government has not been able to settle the issue once and for all be it the government of India and the government of Meghalaya”, Kharjahrin said.

“Even after we achieved statehood, yet what is happening is a sorry state of affairs. Looking at the bigger perspective, the fact that the state has not been able to settle both the international and inter-state boundary even after 49 years is a very sorry state of affairs. With regard to the protection of the state from being outnumbered by immigrants, ILP and other laws have not been able to achieve. Even the demand to have the Khasi and Garo language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution is still pending. There are other issues be it development, jobs”, He added.

Kharjahrin said that the objective of the demonstration is also to express gratitude to the Hill state fighters who want that the identity of the people in the state should be protected including the political and economic rights be safeguarded.

ILP and Hill state movement is similar

Kharjahrin said that the objective of the hill state movement and the objective of the ILP movement are the same.

He said that the similarity lies in that both movements aimed at the protection of indigenous people in their own land and the overall development of the people.

Appointment with HM Amit Shah

Kharjahrin said that the group sought an appointment with the Home Minister Amit Shah who will be visiting the state on January 23, he said that till date there is no confirmation yet.

“Definitely, if we get an appointment with the Home Minister, we will raise the important issue of the state especially ILP, the inclusion of languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and the long-pending border dispute”, he said.

Meghalaya deserves ILP 

Kharjahrin said, “Looking at the various angle, Meghalaya deserve ILP. If the Union government can grant ILP as a gift to the indigenous people of Manipur. They should also grant us the same. We have high expectations and believe that the government of India will make it a reality”.

No unity amongst politicians 

Kharjahrin said that the organization does not want the ILP issue to be politicised which explains the reason why they want the 60 legislators to unitedly take the ILP to Delhi.

He said, “We don’t want the issue to boil down to politics. Since ILP resolution was passed unanimously, it is the duty of the legislators to go to Delhi to prove that Meghalaya is serious on ILP”.

However, he criticised the government and the opposition in the demand for ILP.

Stating that the legislators should be matured enough to come to terms, Kharjahrin said that the organization hopes to see an all-party meet and try to settle and fight together as one united team on ILP.

Positive that ILP will be granted

The CoMSO chairman expressed optimism that the union government will accord implementation of ILP in the state of Meghalaya.

“We believe that the government of India will give it. It does not matter whether he wants to declare today, tomorrow, or the 23rd. It does not matter but we would like to see that a day when Meghalaya will get ILP and that is what we believe and hope. We will continue to agitate till we achieve the dream”, he said.


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