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Inter-Mahari Football Tournament: Round 2: Agitok Mahari dominates with 6 goals, Chada Mahari win a hard fought battle

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Shillong, Aug 01: The second round of the Inter-Mahari Football Tournament witnessed intense matchups, with Agitok Mahari showcasing an exceptional performance by scoring an impressive 6 goals against Simsang Mahari’s single goal. Despite the heavy downpour, the Agitok team dominated the game, leaving no room for their opponents to catch up.

The match commenced with high spirits as both teams displayed their passion for the sport. However, Agitok Mahari quickly took control of the game, taking advantage of every opportunity to penetrate Simsang Mahari’s defense. The torrential rain did not deter the players from showcasing their skills and determination.

Throughout the match, Agitok Mahari exhibited remarkable teamwork and strategic gameplay, putting immense pressure on Simsang Mahari’s defensive line. With each goal, the Agitok team solidified their lead, leaving their opponents struggling to counter the relentless attacks.

Despite their best efforts, Simsang Mahari managed to score only one goal during the first half, unable to match Agitok’s relentless offensive prowess.

In another exhilarating match of the day, Arengh Mahari clashed with Chada Mahari. The two teams exhibited great determination, showcasing the immense talent within the Mahari football community.

The match between Arengh and Chada Mahari teams witnessed a neck-to-neck battle as both sides fought fiercely for supremacy. Ultimately, Chada Mahari emerged victorious, scoring an impressive 3 goals, while Arengh Mahari managed to secure 2 goals.

The Inter-Mahari Football Tournament continues to draw football enthusiasts and supporters, promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie among the participating teams. The event has been a testament to the passion and dedication of the Mahari community towards football.

As the tournament progresses and heads into its final leg, football enthusiasts eagerly await the forthcoming matches, anticipating more thrilling encounters and impressive performances from the talented Mahari teams. The competition promises to provide exciting moments and showcase the rich potential of women’s football in the region.

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