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Te.Gite Mahari women’s team clinches victory in intense Inter-Mahari Football Tournament Match

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Tura, Aug 01: The Inter-Mahari Women’s Football Tournament witnessed an exhilarating match between Bolwari Mahari and Te.Gite Mahari women’s teams on Tuesday, where the latter emerged victorious with a thrilling one-goal lead during the second half.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the two teams locked horns in a display of skill and determination. Both Bolwari Mahari and Te.Gite Mahari showcased exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship, making it a captivating contest for the spectators.

The match reached its peak during the second half, with both teams fiercely vying for supremacy on the field. Te.Gite Mahari women’s team managed to secure a crucial goal, propelling them to a hard-fought victory over their opponents.

The Inter-Mahari Women’s Football Tournament has been an excellent platform for empowering and promoting women’s participation in sports in the region. This event showcases the passion and potential of female athletes and encourages more women to take up football as a means of physical fitness and self-expression.

The tournament has drawn immense support from football enthusiasts and local communities, who recognize the significance of fostering women’s sports and providing opportunities for them to excel on the field.

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