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Joint Efforts Propel Conservation and Sustainable Development for Champu Khangpok Floating Village and Loktak Lake

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Imphal, Feb 21: In a landmark joint meeting at the Mini Secretariat, DC’s Office in Bishnupur District HQ today, chaired by Loktak Development Authority (LDA) Chairman, M. Asnikumar Singh, and co-chaired by Deputy Commissioner, L. Bikram Singh IAS, significant progress was made in advancing conservation efforts for Champu Khangpok Floating Village and Loktak Lake.

District officials and representatives from the floating village gathered to address pressing concerns, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions to enhance villagers’ livelihoods.

Champu Khangpok

Deputy Commissioner praised the state government’s dedicated efforts, especially under the guidance of Chief Minister N Biren Singh, towards the preservation of Loktak Lake and Champu Khangpok Floating Village, recognizing their cultural importance. He pledged full support from the district administration and proposed the establishment of a joint team to verify floating dwellers’ locations, ensuring accurate record-keeping—an initiative unanimously accepted during the meeting.

Chairman of LDA, echoed the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister in preserving Loktak Lake comprehensively, with a long-term approach.

Stressing the importance of improving the livelihoods of the fishing community, he urged representatives from the floating village to collaborate closely in the conservation mission.

Champu Khangpok

Assuring unwavering support Asnikumar Singh affirmed that Champu Khangpok Floating Village would receive all the assistance needed for sustainable development.

Notably, the Chief Minister has already sanctioned funds for basic infrastructure, administered through the district authorities, with additional welfare schemes in the pipeline for the long-term benefit of the village.

Addressing the issue of illegal fishing practices, LDA Chairman appealed to the fishing community to cease harmful activities, emphasizing the importance of sustainable fishing practices.


With Loktak Lake now included in the esteemed Amrit Dharohar Scheme—an initiative by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to promote the wise use and conservation of Ramsar Sites in India—significant strides towards conservation are anticipated. The scheme encompasses critical components such as Species and Habitat Conservation, Nature Tourism, Wetlands Livelihoods, and Wetlands Carbon Assessment, implemented through the convergence of various governmental schemes and programs.


In alignment with these efforts, LDA has initiated projects to improve the water quality of Loktak Lake by cleansing major rivers flowing into it. The cleanup of the mouths of Nambul & Moirang Rivers has already commenced, and dredging/cleaning of Khordak River was recently completed, with additional plans underway to prevent pollutants from reaching Loktak Lake and ensure clean water flows into it. This joint meeting underscores a collective commitment towards the preservation and sustainable development of Champu Khangpok Floating Village and Loktak Lake, with stakeholders resolved to safeguard this invaluable natural resource for future generations.

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