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‘Keep environment in your heart…let it be part of your lifestyle’

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Shillong, Dec 3: An official of Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) today said that more than industrial activities, it is the urban parse which is causing severe pollution.

He expressed concern on the urban waste management system, which has disturbed the ecosystem.

December 2 is observed throughout the country as ‘National Pollution Control Day’, to raise awareness among people about environmental pollution and its disastrous consequences.

Sr. Environmental Engineer of MSPCB, W.R Kharkrang said, “Mostly, we have the misconception that industrial activities contribute to all the environmental problem, but then through statistic and studies that have been carried out, it has been found that environmental damage or environmental pollution caused by industries is not up to that extend, however, the urban parse pollution created by the general public is a major concern.”

Referring to the mode of waste disposal several times, the official called for taking more steps to stop the direct discharge of sewage, especially into the water bodies. Asking people to change their habits, he added, “it all starts from each and every individual, the waste that is generated at home is disposed of in a responsible manner.”

He also urged every individual to be very diligent, keep the environment in your heart, and let it be part of your lifestyle.


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