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MeECL being used as milching cow: Mukul

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Shillong, N0v 27: Stating that Meghalaya Energy Corruption Limited (MeECL) has been crippled, leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr. Mukul M Sangma said “the MeECL has been used as milching cow, it is the offshoot of modus operandi which will ultimately cripple MeECL.”

Talking to the media a day after the employees of MeECL organised a protest demonstration as well as Black Flag, Dr. Sangma said, “It is seen it’s not just a political party, even the employees of MeECL has spoken, they are probably not in a position to keep silent. Therefore, in the interest of the state, they have spoken.”

“They are protesting, demonstrating and they are agitating. Now, this is something we need to take seriously,” he added.

He pointed out that the opposition Congress in the preceding months has tried to pull the focus of the Government on alleged illegalities.

The Opposition Congress alleged that the state government is appointing junior bureaucrats in plump posts to keep them wrapped around their fingers to fulfil their agenda, even as Dr. Sangma alleged there is huge corruption in MeECL.


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